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Evoloop offers cutting-edge storage solutions, redefining data management through Software Defined Storage (SDS). Seamlessly unifying data across environments, our technology ensures datacenter-grade reliability catering to both on-premise and cloud needs.

Sds All Flash
SDS All-Flash Series

Experience lightning-fast performance with our all-flash solution.

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Sds Hybrid Series
SDS Hybrid Series

Enjoy versatility and excellent cost-performance ratio with our hybrid approach.

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  • Streamlined Technical Project Retrieval

    Share technical documentation among company members and guests effortlessly.

  • Integrate and Automate Data Flow

    Blend data across sales, technical, and production departments seamlessly.

  • Document Management System

    Consolidate product documentation securely in a centralized location.

  • Production monitoring

    Link machinery and warehouses with your ERP business logic effectively.

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The DevOps team integrates development and operations, optimizing software management and distribution. By fostering collaboration and automation, the DevOps team aides customers in achieving goals efficiently.

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